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Take The Heaven Train!

On the long and exhausting trip, a group of women are having a stop toget some relaxation… and some lesbian themed playtime in order to make each other feel better! It’s a mistake as it can make them an easy target for Ivy Valentine, a trained assassin from “SoulCalibur” and whose aversion to cruelty can only be overcome by her hunger for love!

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Soul Impact

Girls fighters train with swords. But one wins and begins to demand a reward. It will be lesbian sex and the beauties take off their clothes to start rubbing against each other with big boobs and kissing. At this moment, the coach enters the room and the girls scatter to the corners. The coach does not want to have sex with them and it is understandable, because he is gay. The girls decide to take revenge on the coach and arrange a group sex with all the girls in the house.

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Soul Impact 3 [Bakuretsu Fusen] [Soul Calibur]

This might be against the rules, but it is an imitation of the hentai. You’ll be happy with the reality that there will not be single-on-one interactions, but threesome fun! Not just a meeting – the lesbian fossed encounetr! And the women who will be performing for you today are loved by every fan of “Soul Calibur” series !

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